IP Telephony

IP Telephony – The Best Way to Communicate

The term IP Telephony originated during the time of the internet revolution, when IP telephony was introduced. In the present times, however, it has come to be known as IP video telephony, which means that you could also use a traditional video telephone while using the internet.

An IP telephony service provider offers a set of solutions for Internet based communication.

These services are offered at a fixed monthly subscription and are usually provided at no cost to the customer.

A lot of people are interested in using IP telephony for making free calls without any restrictions. But before we talk about the price, let us understand what we mean by telephony. Telephony is used for the transmission of information over the wires between the two parties.

To send an audio signal, you need a traditional telephone set. On the other hand, the person receiving the call also needs a traditional telephone to take the call.

With the introduction of mobile telephony, you no longer need a traditional telephone. This is because you can also use the internet for making free calls. However, when you use an IP phone, you still need a conventional telephone to make the call.

There are various solutions available for the benefit of the customers.

One of the most popular solutions is the virtual calls feature.

It allows the customers to choose from different features that include free call forwarding, message forwarding, group chat, audio conference, voice mail, call forwarding, dial tone, voice call, auto attendant, connection alerts, and music on hold. It also provides the facility to attach files to your calls.

With an IP Telephony service provider, there is no need to invest huge amounts in buying a new set of telephones. With an IP phone set, you get many advantages such as cheaper long distance calling rates, faster call setup, voicemail, and many more. If you opt for an IP-based landline, you will enjoy a diverse range of choices in calling plans.

You can choose from various options such as flat rate, international call, long distance, business, and multiple-lineline calls. You also get the option of SIM cards. An added advantage of this service is that you can make free calls across different countries and regions.

You might wonder whether it is possible to make a call using a standard telephone. The answer is that you can. However, do not expect to hear crystal-clear sound quality as IP telephony service providers have a lot of expensive equipment and they cannot use it for making free calls.

With IP Telephony, you can enjoy all the benefits mentioned above at a very affordable price. You can also transfer your numbers among several telephony service providers. Thus, you can choose the best provider for your needs.

An important advantage of using an IP based telephony service is that you get the benefit of zero-maintenance cost. All you need to do is install the software on your computer and you can use the phone without the fear of any technical problems.